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Town needs more federal action to deal with decaying former Boblo dock

Updated: Jan 16

At one time, this area had a powerful MP that would have found a way and means to remove those hazardous decrepit old Boblo docks, and not in years. 

Being on a major transportation route, and with many pleasure craft using the river, this hazard has no warning lights on it. 

Yes, the locals might know it’s there, but they thought that in Leamington before out-of-towners plowed into an unlit breakwall.  

So when I get mail telling me how poorly the government of the day is doing, (and I don’t care which government it is), that is not what I want to hear. 

I want to know what he/she is doing for us. 

Right now, on this subject, no action.

—Kurt Reffle


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