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"Walk for Wisdom" raises money for Save African Child Uganda

Walk for Wisdom fundraisers pose for photo.

A group of about a dozen walkers hit the downtown streets and parks of Amherstburg last Friday to raise money for the education of children in Africa.

Save African Child Uganda (SACU) presented their annual “Walk for Wisdom” with the route starting at Toddy Jones Park, continuing to Dalhousie St., walk through Navy Yard Park and back through the Open Air footprint. A fundraising total was not known as of press time but it raised proceeds for the education program for Ugandan children the non-profit organization supports.

SACU member Cheryl Rutgers said they have been holding the “Walk for Wisdom” for six years with it having raised $23,000 in its first year. They haven’t raised that amount in recent years but the group still needs to support the Ugandan children’s education.

“We have so many kids in high school now,” said SACU member Elaine Johnson.

“We are educating over 200 students who otherwise could not go to school,” Rutgers added.

One student supported through SACU just earned a full-ride scholarship to university in fine arts, added SACU member Ingrid Silvaggio-Heugh.

“He is a wonderful artist,” Silvaggio-Heugh said of the student, adding he painted murals in the school SACU built.

The goal of Friday evening’s walk was $15,000. Rick Vriesen, another SACU member along with wife Kathy, said those who sponsor children are contributing more than has been asked to help the cause.

“We have a good sponsor base,” said Rutgers.

SACU has been around for almost 14 years and has now the ability to issue income tax statements. Silvaggio-Heugh’s son James also created a GoFundMe page to help support SACU.

For more information on the organization, visit or They also have a Facebook page.

"Walk for Wisdom" raises money for Save African Child Uganda

By Ron Giofu

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