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Amherstburg celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in style

Legion Brach 157 celebrates St. Patrick's day


As the old song goes “when Irish eyes are smiling,” there were a lot of smiles on Sunday in Amherstburg.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were held at several local pubs in town including Royal Canadian Legion Fort Malden Branch 157.

Traditional corn beef and cabbage was available and included in the entertainment was a performance by the Ardan Academy of Irish Dance.

The Arden Academy of Irish Dance

It was a very busy few days for the group and according to dance teacher Morgan Muzzatti, beginning on Thursday, the dancers performed about 14 shows.

The troupe ranges in ages from 4 to 21 and they delighted the large crowd at the Legion with several numbers.

“Irish traditional dancing is very close to ballet, but they have to keep their arms at their sides,” explained Muzzatti.

There are 21 dancers who toured the area and on Sunday concluded at another Legion branch and the Scottish Club in Windsor. Basic moves in traditional Irish dancing include jump overs, leaps and birdies.

Asked why young dancers turn to the Irish style, Muzzatti said, “the culture and heritage draws you especially if you have a family connection.”

It was unknown how many at the Amherstburg Legion had Irish roots, but almost everyone wore green and many went to elaborate celebratory lengths including one gentleman who dyed his moustache and goatee for St. Patrick’s Day.

Those who worked in the kitchen went all out with their festive outfits.

St. Patrick was the foremost patron Saint of Ireland and his death is considered to be March 17. The day became a public holiday in Ireland in 1903. Shamrocks are a popular symbol of the day as Saint Patrick used them to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.

Amherstburg celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in style

By Fred Groves




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