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Beavertails franchise coming to Amherstburg

BeaverTails desserts

A Canadian franchise known for its signature pastries is coming to Amherstburg.

Beavertails is setting up an Amherstburg location and while a location and opening date have yet to be revealed, the news of the franchise coming to town has been confirmed by its franchisees via social media.

“Breaking news,” wrote George Winter online. “Karrie Maine and I are very excited to announce a Beavertails franchise is coming to our beautiful town. We will have our very own Beavertails in Amherstburg. More details to follow in the near future.”

When contacted by the River Town Times, Winter indicated they are not ready to announce the location or opening date just yet, and would rather wait over the next few weeks to reveal that information.

Beavertails is now an international business with over 150 shops worldwide. According to their website, in addition to shops in Canada, there are Beavertails locations in the United States, Dubai, Japan, France and Mexico. The business dates back to 1978 when founders Pam and Grant Hooker began serving the Beavertails pastries at the Killaloe Fair near Ottawa.

In addition to a variety of different Beavertail pastries, there are “Beaver Bites,” poutine, “poutail” (poutine served on a Beavertails pastry, “Beaverdogs” (hot dog wrapped in a Beavertail) and other treats.

More information on the Beavertails franchises can be found at

Beavertails franchise coming to Amherstburg

By Ron Giofu

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