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Community library established on Concession 3 South

Sue and George Laprade pose beside community library box.

A pair of residents on Concession 3 South have added the latest community library to their area of Amherstburg.

Often referred to as “Little Free Libraries,” a new one has popped up at 3860 Concession 3 South thanks to Sue and George Laprade. They created it in a different way than most, using a former drive-thru menu sign and converting it into a small library with shelves and doors. George did the metal works and created a bench while Sue helped with painting it.

Sue said she wanted to do something for her area of town, stating she didn’t know of another one until a neighbour put one up on her property.

“The day I posted it on Facebook, someone else posted one,” said Sue. “Now we have two.”

Stating she is pleased to have more than one, Sue stated her small pop-up library, which acts as a book exchange, has been busy.

“We’ve had a lot of activity at it,” she said.

Sue explained her father was in the outdoor advertising business in the United States so she had a lot of materials from that which she and George used. She plans on possibly doing other things like putting in daily recipes or something else.

“There’s so many things you can do,” she said.

Sue, a retired Meals on Wheels cook, said this was something she always wanted to do when she retired. She knows of several such libraries in other areas of Amherstburg and wanted at least one in her area. She believes it is a short walk from other homes and cottages in the area.

“I thought this area needed it,” she said.

People can drop off new and used books and take books of interest that are already there. Community library established on Concession 3 South

By Ron Giofu

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