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“Owl’s Nest Emporium” officially opened in downtown core

Mayor cuts ribbon with owner of new business - Owl's Nest Emporium.

A new business has opened in the downtown core and a ribbon cutting was held to mark the occasion.

The Owl’s Nest Emporium, owned by Anne Ussoletti Rota, is located at 264 Dalhousie St. next to her former workplace - the Gordon House. Ussoletti retired late last year as the Town of Amherstburg’s manager of tourism and culture.

“Anne has moved all the way from there to here,” joked Mayor Michael Prue.

Prue noted Ussoletti Rota took “a big leap” when it came to making a career change and opening up her own business in the downtown core of Amherstburg.

“She is to be commended,” said Prue. “This shop is actually stunning inside.”

Prue added he knows Ussoletti Rota is passionate about the town and said the town is growing.

“I know this will be very successful,” he said of the Owl’s Nest Emporium.

The mayor added: “It’s a town on the move. With your help, we will make it even better.”

Ussoletti Rota pointed out to the small gathering that attended the ribbon cutting that it was tourism week in Ontario and the fact the ribbon cutting took place then “couldn’t be any more fitting.”

“Amherstburg has turned the corner,” she stated.

Tourists and residents “want to come here, spend money here, eat here and sleep here.”

Noting she retired last December, Ussoletti Rota said she started planning for the new gift shop shortly thereafter.

“Right after that, I hit the ground running,” said Ussoletti Rota.

With her background of working in the town’s tourism department, Ussoletti Rota believes she has an idea of what residents and visitors are looking for.

“I think it’s kind of a boho vibe,” she said of the new store. “It’s a true emporium, meaning you are going to find a little bit of everything.”

Keeping items affordable was a priority, she added. Ussoletti Rota also offered thanks to her friends and family for their support, as well as other businesses in the area. There are two employees at the shop.

“I would encourage people to check out our website,” she said.

April hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. For more information, visit or call 519-713-9609.

“Owl’s Nest Emporium” officially opened in downtown core

By RTT Staff

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