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Town launches “Biz Discovery Survey,” encourages businesses to tfill it out

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A new survey launched by the Town of Amherstburg is asking the business community to fill out a survey so that the town can find ways to support them.

The “Biz Discovery Program” survey is viewed as an economic development tool “to support and empower businesses in our community.”

The program is made possible by the Rural Economic Development Grant through the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). It serves as a tool being used by the municipality as part of its business retention and expansion project.

Director of development services/deputy CAO Melissa Osborne said much of the survey is about the businesses themselves and what they offer, how many employees they have, years in business, whether they are local, regional or international and other questions to “drill down” and find out more about them.

At its core, the town says Biz Discovery Program seeks to delve into the decisions behind businesses operating in Amherstburg to better understand the landscape and inform future programs and supports the town may be able to provide. This initiative is open to all industries, including but not limited to trades, commercial, and manufacturing. Osborne indicated they are open to hearing from all sectors of the business community.

Information gathered will assist the town in developing programs and workshops the town can put into place to support the business community, she indicated.

“It really focuses on understanding what the business community looks like in a small town,” said Osborne. “(The survey) is the first part of a program funded by the grant.”

The survey is active at and runs through March 31. The grant from OMAFRA is valued at $50,000.

The survey results and the overall program will find out the needs and wants of the business community, she added, and results of the survey will go before the town’s economic development advisory committee. Osborne expects to have results and information before the committee in late April or early May.

“Economic development is a growing aspect of our corporate portfolio,” she said.

Deputy Mayor Chris Gibb hailed the launch of the Biz Discovery Program as a vital step towards strengthening Amherstburg's business landscape.

"The Biz Discovery Program embodies our commitment to nurturing and growing a thriving business ecosystem in Amherstburg," said Gibb stated in a press release issued by the town. "By understanding the motivations of all businesses in our community, we can tailor our support to ensure their continued success."

By Ron Giofu

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